Just thinking

Could James Murphy remix you?

That the LCD Soundsystem frontman has impeccable taste is beyond question.

Beyond doubt too his ability to make anything feel relevant.

So, would it be completely ludicrous for him to apply this to capability to your life? To remix you.

We’re familiar with the makeover show format. Take a person who’s struggling at something, break them down and build them back up again. Like a backwards British press.

Maybe they’re stuck sartorially in their glory days, or their dog doesn’t love them. Maybe they need their car ‘pimping’. No worries – we’ve called the experts.

But what if our makeover (remix), was holistic. Approached from every angle to give the subject a whole new perspective on what it means to be alive? Deep, right?

Listen to Murphy’s immaculate remix of Bowie’s ‘Love is Lost’ and you hear the breadth of his vision. It’s over 10 minutes. It doesn’t drop until half way through. It samples another Bowie song, Ashes to Ashes, and even a loop of Murphy’s own performance of musical pioneer Steve Reich’s 1972 ‘Clapping Song’. It’s epic.

Apply this level of detail to a life as yet unrealised, and who knows what could happen?

So, this is how it would work.

We’d give Murphy the different elements of the subject. Or stems as he might call them. Then we’d give him a month to remix each one. Feeling uninspired? Go to Steve Earle’s songwriting bootcamp. Feeling irrelevant? We’re off to Burning Man. Feeling frumpy? Do the three peaks challenge.

In isolation, these events might seem like a nice distraction. But add them together, put them all in the mix, and you discover a new you. You’ve a new sense of purpose. Your clothes fit better. You’ve got swagger.

We’d shoot it over the course of a year – because diamonds aren’t made overnight – and if it were a success the rebranded, remixed subject would pay it forward.

Just think. If you had someone with as much cultural acumen as Murphy in the booth, there’s a good chance you might start to look and sound like a better version of yourself.

I’d call it ‘Remix Me’. And it would be epic.